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Rim Labiaplasty Basics

This is THE CORE of any successful labiaplasty. Learn. This. First.

I do curvilinear labial excision and avoid wedge labiaplasty in general.  Significantly fewer complications and breakdowns with the curvilinear approach.  You don’t want to handle awful wedge breakdowns, Swiss Cheese labias, and face a bunch of lawyers. There are many superb wedge labiaplasty surgeons out there but even the most experienced ones have a breakdown rate of 11%. I would rather have a breakdown rate in the 1% range. Choose curvilinear excisions as your first choice in the vast majority of labiaplasty cases. If you have a patient who wants to retain the dark and irregular and ruffled edges that look more natural and appealing to her then choose the wedge labiaplasty. This video is for the Basic Curvilinear Labiaplasty.

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